UBS – United Bus Service

UBS – United Bus Service

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Address: 11303 Cassis, Port Louis, Mauritius

Phone: +230 212 2026

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Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
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 33 reviews
by Robert Furlong on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
problem today 28.06 with UBS LIGNE 149

Today, at 13:20, I was waiting to the 149 for LABRASSERIE. One 149 came heading there. I waved. the bus stopped ahead of the busstop... opened the doors .. let a woman step down and... drove away in spite of the signs I was waving. Is it because I'm 75 and do not pay? I am much deceived by this total lack of professionalism from borh driver and controller. Robert Furlong retired bus user.

by Aurelie mel on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices

Sa bus 191 la bizin régler sa problem ki zot pa areter lor bis stop trianon preske ts bis apre-midi passe en dehors bis stop et bus la pa même rempli

by Rani on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices

Compagnie ubs bizin fermer do matlo. Zordi depi 4 10 mo lor bus stop bell village apres la gare. Bus 162 lexpress curepipe rue couvent 1 merde pa areter. Tou teigne zzpt indication.. mo gagne sa bus la zis 4 45 lerla. Pa premier fois sa ariver. Cmien complaint pou fer action zero.

by Janam on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices

Li pa possoble ki bus 162 lexpress curepipe la rue couvent jamais arreter lor bus stopareter lor bus stop apres la gare. Dimoune bizin desan la rue cpuvent bizin atan pres 45 minutes pou gagne 1 bus. Lor la pli extra sa ban chauffeur la zot gagne pou teigne sa indication la tou. Li pa facile ko 1 compagnie coumsa pa capav regler 1 probleme coumsa

by Fareed Adelaide on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
No hope for this country

Do how many complaints you want,
Those buses won't stop driving dangerously, nor will the bus receiver be nice to people or the bus will be clean(most of passagers fault)

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