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UBS – United Bus Service

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Address: 11303 Cassis, Port Louis, Mauritius

Phone: +230 212 2026

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 by Bus 173
Bus 173

That's the 10th time that bus 173 going to curepipe and passing to reduit at 18: 15 never came. The first time I had to wait until 19:20 when it was already dark. I live in Allée Brillant, after I reached castel, I had to walk 20 mins in complete darkness to go home.The following times I had to take a bus to shoprite than take another bus to castel. It's always this bus, the other ubs buses always come on time and I see plenty of them. I can't be taking two buses and paying more everytime when some irresponsible people can't do their job unless ubs is willing to refund the additional cost. Liase with the concerned drivers and make sure they do their job properly or if ubs doesn't care, let another company take this route. At least people won't be penalised. You need to realise that people who don't have the means to own a car rely heavily on public transport to reach home.

 by Yohan

Bus 198 Mahebourg ,Bus 200 lescalier depi 17:50 pou ale 18hr26 pena bus 200 enn bus passer lor l’autoroute paille 18hr10 l’enseigne garage mais ena passager dans bus 45 mins reste lor bustop atane bus 3 fois ine arrive sa entre le 4 janvier 2023 juska le 7 janvier 2023 si zot fréquence bus ki 30 minute après 16hr pendant week-end mais Kifer dan la semaine pa ggn bus 200 a 6hr kot bus la li mentioné garage Ek ena passager ladan ek li p areter lor bus stop li p dir pas aller Ek toulejour même chauffeur Kifer sa la route la.18hr25 ggn bus 198 l’autoroute pailles arrive nouvelle France dernier bus 18hr45 ggn letemps vine zouen l’autre bus 198 ubs c’est un plaisir.

 by witley
Pas de bus de Curepipe durant heure de pointe

Hello UBS Management,

Javais deja fait une plainte concernant ce gros probleme de bus et de manque de ponctualite concernant la gestion de ce trajet ebene curepipe mais rien na change malhereusement et ceux trois ans apres.

Cest quoi exactement le probleme ?
Manque de chauffeurs,receveurs,bus

Cest inadmissible quon a moins de bus durant les heures creuses entre 15h00-17h00..4 jours de suite jai attendu le bus pendant 50 minutes (pas de bus 173 ni 191 non plus).

Estce normale pendant des heures creuses que les passagers doivent attendre 50 minutes pour avoir un bus a destination de Curepipe surtout sur un arret dautobus a Ebene qui est un centre nevralgique?

Je vous joint quelque fotos ou le bus a du prendre tous les passagers et je vous laisse prendre consciance a quel point cest embarassant dattendre 50 minutes ensuite detre embarquer dans un bus super overcrowded.

 by Robert Furlong
problem today 28.06 with UBS LIGNE 149

Today, at 13:20, I was waiting to the 149 for LABRASSERIE. One 149 came heading there. I waved. the bus stopped ahead of the busstop... opened the doors .. let a woman step down and... drove away in spite of the signs I was waving. Is it because I'm 75 and do not pay? I am much deceived by this total lack of professionalism from borh driver and controller. Robert Furlong retired bus user.

 by Aurelie mel

Sa bus 191 la bizin régler sa problem ki zot pa areter lor bis stop trianon preske ts bis apre-midi passe en dehors bis stop et bus la pa même rempli

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