UBS – United Bus Service

UBS – United Bus Service

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Address: 11303 Cassis, Port Louis, Mauritius

Phone: +230 212 2026

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Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
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by May i have a timtable of ubs bus for rosehill to bambous please on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
Timtable for Ubs bus from RoseHill to Bambous

Please need the hours for ubs bus rosehill to Bambous

by Madi on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
UBS no bus no service bus stop UBS employée enjoying life when on duty

It's now 10 years since the problem is same. When bus reached phoenix bus stop bus is full at door steps and no bus stop. We phoenix peoples are victim of this situation on a daily basis. UBS pay an employee to stand on bus stop to eat,drink and talk to taxi drivers opposite to busstop when people enquire for bus not coming he says what he can do, what the use he stand there?
Ebene bus since 10 years I wait for ebene bus at 7:45 a.m the bus doesn't stop as it full only after 9a.m that the bus stop.
UBS being the main transport to the road till ebene you should reorganize your buses so that phoenix people can reach work in time.
Ebene work on shift system if we are there at 7:45a.m so before 8:30a.m we need to reach.
The transport is at fault we are victims we need to hear unpleasant talk from boss every morning some lost job , what ubs does for us? Nothing.
We highly hope situation gets better by next week else we will expose matter to media.
Same situation for evening.

by Carla on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
Terrible Service

I'm supposed to take a UBS bus from St Jean to Phoenix everyday. Since January 2020, it seems that the number of buses from the UBS has reduced... From 07:05am to 07:50am, there are only 2 or 3 Curepipe buses and most of the time, they are full and refuse to take more passengers. Some refuse to take passengers even if it is not too full!! I finally had to resort to asking a colleague to give me a lift everyday from St Jean to Phoenix. But when she cannot give me a lift, how am I supposed to get to work?!! Can anyone advise?!! It is the worst busline I've ever had the misfortune to deal with!!!

by 😼 on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
Lazy Driver

Certains chauffeur veulent travailler et roule cm il se doit. Yen a ki veulent admirer le paysage. Cest vraiment pas possible. Deja la route est bloquĂ© plus ils roulent commeca les chante. En plus de ca mĂȘme le bus est rempli complĂštement, il s'arrĂȘte sur tout les bus stop pour en ramasser encore mais franchement. C Ă©nervant. Vraiment hate davoir le metro curepipe port louis.

by Joe on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices
No bus

We want to thanks the government for introducing the Metro since we have lots of issues concerning the bus facilities.We have to wait for hours to get a bus from Pailles to Curepipe.They wait to be full of passengers and then the bus start from Port-Louis.On their way,they omits to stop on some bus stops. Result travellers have to wait for hours to finally have a bus.The United bus service service is very poor,we request for more buses from other companies Ntc or private to fulfill their work.

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