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UBS – United Bus Service

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Address: 11303 Cassis, Port Louis, Mauritius

Phone: +230 212 2026

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 by Marie
Lack of bus

Il y a un manque drastique de bus pour les route de Curepipe via st Paul vers réduit

Et de rose-hill a Curepipe

J'attends à chaque fois entre 30 à 45 minutes alors qu'avant on avait les bus chaque 15-20 minutes

S'il vous plaît faites le nécessaire pour desservir les routes en particulier celles qui n'ont pas accès au métro.


 by Elisa

To whom it may concern,

It would be strongly appreciated if a bus could be available at 4.30 pm every week day as people working until 4.30 travelling to the south have the south have to walk approximately 20-30 to attend southern station.

And Today 18.07.23 very bad experience in the bus leaving City Centre EXPRESS MAHEBOURG _illmannered coductor very rude as i dis not know the bus is a Non stop bus going to Mahebourg 16.05 and could not even stop at Camp fouquereaux Bustop and advised to go out of the bus on a Traffic light without thinking about my security.

I insist for management of UBS to send me an email regarding today's issue as my email has been requested to fill in this review ,IF NOT ILL GO HIGHER AND RADIO INTERVENTION!!!

 by Ayesha
Bus 173 or 2A

Sa ban dernier jours pena bus 2A/ 173 curepipe depi 15 45 ziska 16 30 ki p passe èbene. Ena dimun ziska 15 00 p atan bis mais aucun bis pas passer, avant ti p ggn bus 16 00 au plus tard 16 10. Aster 1 bus pas passé, ena kout bizin atan plis ki 1 heures temps. Tout les temps ena problème avant pas ti p ggn bis ditou 15 00 à 15 30 ti p bizin prend bis desan shopprite, aster aussi p trouver pou ré ggn mem problème ki avant, svp ré guet zot système.

 by Anju
Waved but not stop

I take the 6 am bus from rose belle to trianon. Today i waved and the bus didn't stop. If i was not standing and waiting on the bus stop i would understand but i was spot on. The driver was too busy speeding because another port louis was behind him. After those 2 buses, most buses going are packed like boites sardines and as they are already too full, they obviously won't stop on other bus tops. Because of this competition people get late to work all thanks to you.

 by Bus 173
Bus 173

That's the 10th time that bus 173 going to curepipe and passing to reduit at 18: 15 never came. The first time I had to wait until 19:20 when it was already dark. I live in Allée Brillant, after I reached castel, I had to walk 20 mins in complete darkness to go home.The following times I had to take a bus to shoprite than take another bus to castel. It's always this bus, the other ubs buses always come on time and I see plenty of them. I can't be taking two buses and paying more everytime when some irresponsible people can't do their job unless ubs is willing to refund the additional cost. Liase with the concerned drivers and make sure they do their job properly or if ubs doesn't care, let another company take this route. At least people won't be penalised. You need to realise that people who don't have the means to own a car rely heavily on public transport to reach home.

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