TBS – Triolet Bus Service

TBS – Triolet Bus Service

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Address: Terminus Trou Aux Biches Rd, Triolet, Mauritius

Phone: +230 261 6516

Web page: N/A

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by Nd on Mauritius bus routes, timetable, prices

Hi! Today I take the bus to go at arsenal which to stop me at school,unfortunately something happen not normal at all.u can check on the camera as well....I give 30 rupees to the receiver,and I said LECOLE ARSENAL...without any words from the receiver to ask me back if it's there..repeat my destination,in my big surprise he even didn't tell me dats the bus will go to hospital I should take the next one..I already paid,am doing as well customer care and I know when he just don't care of what am saying to him..normally when theses bus do different routes before the passengers came in they said which way they r going then we can decided if we come or not?is it right? I didn't it goes by hospital...their are lots of mistake he makes the receiver...I will gives you the list, this bus goes to point aux piment first, the receiver should have stand in front of the door before we came in it goes by hospital??nothing has been said....he says to enter I went in and take place....the receiver took my money and I ask to go lekol arsenal...he didn't reply back...he charged me extra money,instead of 18 rupee it's 30 rupees, on the ticket it wrote terre rouge to pap....which is terre rouge to pamplemousses???? I was at trou aux biches beach the same afternoon..I went to see a responsible to explain my point of view...they staffs their and they are talking shit and nonsense with me...it's like am accusing the receiver to steal my money?i told them it's not but he is unprofessionally not good,his body language say it all...coz the way he did when paid my tickets it show it...I could see it and feel it...he was rude without say Anything but his expression say it all!!!!!!am complaining because I think if he has done his job well I wouldn't write this??i have the proof of the tickets and you want to see it I can manage to send it....his colleagues was talking he has to look after 60 passengers...me I have to look after 500 guests everyday and I manage them with same gratitude, he is rude,bad behavior and his place r to work as a cleaner not with passengers to show a face like u paid dats all shut up!!! It's not gonna be over like that coz this can't happen ...if this men think he did a great job today? If he could do that with me?i think he has this as habit...if you want to know the truth?check your camera...last thing the check told he will not steal me....but he does it actually for the company not for him....and for me he did steal me coz I didn't paid to go to pamplemousse but arsenal....the receiver didn't ask me if their I will go...as I know they must repeat back what the passenger said before click the amount of the tickets..you know why this mistake happen?coz he didn't do it So simple...this is what happen when you do something enough often then one day the karma get you!!!! He played wi the wrong one this time....I pay my ticket fare dats all and he must charged me as I said not of what he decide to do???if I was in the bus and instead of get off at terre rouge I do it at pamplemousse he would treat me like what??or else police station???i guess Mauritian mentality are the worst I ever met!!!!!! He would denigrate me? We get paid to do our job well so do it well or not at all!!!!!