TBS – Triolet Bus Service

TBS – Triolet Bus Service

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Address: Terminus Trou Aux Biches Rd, Triolet, Mauritius

Phone: +230 261 6516

Web page: N/A

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 10 reviews
 by Melissa 82/171 portlouis
problem bis la route 82/171

Si ena 1 dimoune responsable ler ban bis dans biro Tbs,mo ti a contant li lire sa review la, ou pa kapave atan 1 bis lor bistop goodlands, kan li envi li vin 8hr15 ou sinon li vin 8hr45, si zot travayer pena ler rentre, dan lezot sector ena 1 zafer ki apel rules, prend depi so chauffer, controller,check,meme chef de gare pena manier kozer, zot fouton, si zot pena patience pour travail ar public, aler, merci

 by Aliyah
Bus 51 la tour koenig

This is the worst bus service. The drivers and conductors are so ill-mannered. They speak very rudely to passengers and also several times they do not stop on the bus stop using the excuse of"no place in the bus" while there is not a single person standing. And so many times i have waited for the bus from my locality for around 30 minutes. And not to say that they drive so carelessly even on narrowed or damaged roads. Really the worst bus i have ever encountered in my entire life. If only there would be another bus company for this route, i would have opted for the other rather than this one! So disappointed with this service while am paying for it!!!! High time for the authorities to look into the matter!!!

 by Manilall
Dangerous driving in PL

This is one of the worst bus services ever and the last thing they worry about is passengers' safety and basic road safety. Most of the drivers are eager to speed up even on narrow roads (e.g. coastal road Cap Malheureux to Grand Bay) and also on the motorway. When they are in PL, they are among the most dangerous. The most recent one being the TBS registration number 3584 MY 13 whose driver kept changing lanes near and after Line Barracks up to Place d'Armes and even disembarked passengers on a crossing near LIC building while traffic lights were green.

 by Sarah
La merde

Franchement tbs on attend 45 mins pour avoir lexpress. Pte aux sables pour au final le il n’arrive jamais en plein jour de semaine apres 15hr votre service est vraiment merdique

 by Tusmina
unprofessional customer service

To whom it may concern.

I wish to make a complaint that the bus 29 Grand Bay which passes at Lower vale. In the morning after 09:15 we get the next bus at 10:20 approx. This is happening since 1 week. When I called at TBS today, a certain "Chef de guard" named Gobin spoke to me very rudely and said he cannot do anything about it. What's the use of being a chef de guard if he cannot respond to queries or monitor his time table. He even confirmed that the bus should pass at 09:05, 09:30 and 09:55 respectively but he cannot respond why the bus did not come. He has no manners at all. Is this the type of customer service you wish to deliver? If you cannot maintain your time table properly, so please leave the place for other professional bus lines. I hope that this message will be delivered to take necessary corrective actions.

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