Bus Riviere des Galets (Bus Station) – Rose Belle (Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital)

Mauritius bus schedule – Riviere des Galets (Bus Station) – Rose Belle (Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital)

Riviere des Galets (Bus Station)- Chemin Grenier – Souillac – Camp Diable – Mare Tabac -Rose Belle (Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital)

Operator: National Transport Corporation
Departures from Riviere des Galets (Bus Station)

Day First bus Last bus
Monday to Friday 07h50 18h10
Saturday 07h50 18h10
Sunday and Public Holiday 14h30 18h00

Time of departure

Time of departure Frequency

When and how to get back check here: Route 7 Bus Rose Belle (Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital) – Riviere des Galets (Bus Station)

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Stations, fare (price) stages and average journey time in minutes

Fare stage Locality (station) Average journey time (minutes)


Riviere des Galets (Bus Station) 0
1 Chemin Grenier (Tamil Temple)
2 Chemin Grenier (Taxi Stand)
3 Belle Vue 10
4 Contour Leon
5 Surinam (Peerally Store)
6 Surinam (Mosque)
7 Souillac (Bus Station)
8 Souillac (Bain des Negresses Bridge)
9 Union Ducray 30
10 Riviere des Anguilles
11 Batimarais
12A Benares Village 40
12 Chateau Benares
13 Saint Amand Bridge
14 Camp Diable
15 Riche Bois
16 Riviere Dragon
17 Junction Riviere du Poste
18 Riviere du Poste (Kalimaye) 55
19 Joli Bois (Sugar Estate Office)
20 Mare Tabac (Bridge)
21 Gros Billot (Samputh’s House)
22 New Grove Branch Road (Community Health Centre)
23 Rose Belle (Gebert)
24 Rose Belle (Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital)

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